Winter Break Science & Engineering Fair Check-off List

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is your school’s Science Fair in January or February? Winter break can be a perfect time for your child to make big progress on their projects!  Consider scheduling time specifically for working together with your child on their projects and maybe time when they work on it on their own.  It can also be helpful to dedicate a work space in your home where your child can keep components of their project so they can easily tinker or pick-up their project when they have down time.

The more time students allocate to their projects, the more likely they will have a positive experience. Encourage your child to set specific goals during Winter break:

  1. Decide on a project topic that is of genuine interest to them, perhaps based on their favorite activity or something they’ve just always wondered about.
  2. Do background research on their topic to see if they have other questions or ideas
  3. Decide on a project question and Project Type/ Research Method (see WSEF Student Handbook). If this is your child’s first project then consider encouraging them to do an Inquiry Project.
  4. Develop a research plan, including timing, procedure and necessary supplies.

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