STEM mindfulness focus

STEM Lesson with Mindfulness Focus


Are social sciences really science? You bet! There is a whole science behind how and why we humans interact and behave the way we do. Plus, scientists have discovered a lot about the connection between social sciences and health sciences.

The first lesson of the Make Science Fair Fun® Kits, 3-Lesson Series is a STEM Lesson with a Mindfulness focus. Teachers engage their students in this first lesson to bring all students to the same level of skills needed to complete the subsequent scaffolded lessons.

This first lesson takes a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach to challenging students to develop their leadership and STEM skills and their confidence in self-guided learning about a real world phenomenon: being active and the influence on the body and behavior. Take a peek at the instructions to the lessons below.

Download the digital version of this STEM Lesson with a Mindfulness focus– free! You’ll get the full lesson, including worksheets, worksheet voice-over by a teacher, and the teacher lesson plan.


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