STEM Generation’s Leadership Team Descriptions

Officer Positions


The STEM Generation Board President ensures the shared vision for the organization is the primary focus of the board.  The president will build and nurture board member leadership, and facilitate the work of the board. The President embodies the mission of leveling the playing field in STEM education for girls and underserved and underrepresented minorities by guiding each committee chair to lead their assigned committee toward achieving their established goals and will ensure collaboration between committee chairs.

As the team leader of the board, the president implements the strategic plan for the organization, involves all board members in the work of the board (during meetings and through committee assignments), serves as the contact for all board members on board issues, and facilitates board meetings.

In collaboration with the executive director, the board president develops meeting agendas, addresses gaps and concerns with achieving goals and will coordinate the executive director’s annual performance review.

Vice President

The STEM Generation Board Vice President is the President-elect and offers support for the board President and other leadership when needed. The vice president will serve in the president’s place in the event they are unable to serve or perform their duties.

In supporting the Board of Directors, the vice president will lead board member recruiting, onboard new board members with the five  steps defined in the Board Handbook under “Getting Started” and conduct exit interviews of departing board members.


The STEM Generation Board Secretary will attend all meetings of the Advisory Board and of the Executive Committee, and all meetings of members, and assisted by a staff member, will act as a clerk of these meetings. The secretary will assume the role of the VP in their absence.

In supporting meetings, the Secretary will document all votes and minutes of all proceedings either electronically or in a book to be kept for that purpose.

In supporting the Board President, the Secretary will make the arrangements for all meetings including the annual meeting of the organization, send notices of all meetings to the members of the Advisory Board, take reservations for the meetings and perform all official correspondence from the Board as prescribed by the Advisory Board or the President.


The STEM Generation Board Treasurer is oversees the organization finances.

The treasurer oversees all revenues and expenses, creates financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) and communicates this information to the board monthly, leads board review of fiscal policies and procedures, creates a budget draft and seeks approval from the board on annual budget, and provides a full financial report to the board of directors annually.

The treasurer serves as the chair of the finance committee and is responsible for filing annual tax forms as required by the state and the IRS.

Past President

The STEM Generation Board Past President provides continuity to the board members as individuals transition roles. This is a non-voting role on the board. The past president advises the current president and vice president.


Committee Chairs

  • With input from the Executive Director, scope the goals of the committee, create a roadmap to accomplish those goals, and update monthly as needed.
  • Dedicate 4-6 hours monthly to leading the committee meetings and their respective team.
  • Meet with support staff monthly to plan each committee meeting and outline needs of staff support.
  • Define monthly Committee Meeting agenda and add the agenda, action items, meeting notes and other supporting resources to FreedCamp and our shared Committee Google Folder.
  • Directly work with committee members to reach their goals between meetings.
  • Assign notetaking to different member during each committee meeting.
  • Define monthly meeting goals for the 6-12 months forward as defined by the committee roadmap.
  • Meet individually with members if/when they miss a Committee Meeting.
  • Communicate action items to each member immediately following the monthly meeting.
  • Facilitate the committee meetings, following the agenda and respecting the team’s time by not extending the meeting time beyond the defined meeting adjourn time.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee mission is to provide financial oversight for the organization. The committee will create organization budgets, financial reports, create and monitor internal controls and accountability policies. Working with the executive director the committee will develop operating budgets, monitor adherence to the budget, set long term financial goals and strategies to achieve those goals. The committee will develop useful and readable monthly financial reports for the board treasurer. The committee will create, approve and update policies that ensure the assets of the organization are protected, document financial transactions and ensure financial policies are followed.

Events & Development Committee

The Development Committee mission is to oversee and advise on organization fundraising activities. The committee will set policies, priorities, and goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year and set long term strategies for fundraising. The committee will create, advise, and monitor an annual fundraising development plan to attract and retain donors, supporters, sponsors, and raise public awareness of important mission-related concepts to increase funding for the organization. The committee will review the ongoing performance of each campaign.  The committee does not usurp the authority of the board, or direct or oversee staff.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee mission is to ensure ongoing, high-quality branding, messaging, and communication of activities to stakeholders and the community. The committee will create and maintain a descriptive overall public brand. The committee will develop and implement communications and promotions plans for events and activities. The committee will create and implement promotions on approved social media platforms.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee mission is to evaluate existing programs, oversee program expansion or development, and facilitate board conversations about its programsIn many ways this committee is the heart of STEM Generation because it ensures the organization is delivering content to schools and educators that will help level the playing field in STEM education for girls and underrepresented and underserved  communities. The committee will identify and foster relationships with existing educators and schools to craft and deliver STEM Generation content. The committee will recognize and respond to emerging STEM education trends and create frameworks to address the gaps with STEM Generation’s unique content.

Strategic Partnerships and Engagement (SEAP) Committee

The SEAP Committee mission is to identify teaming opportunities with corporations, technical organizations and Universities that will create pipelines and partnerships to build outcome-based content and for program and financial support. The committee will maintain a database of past and present donors and sponsors to determine ROI and potentials for long-term partnerships. The committee will work with the Marketing Committee to create messaging for introductions to the SGI team.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee mission is to guide the way organization rules, establish norms, and ensure actions are structured, sustained, regulated, regarding how board members are held accountable. This mission will promote prudence and openness about our work, results, as well as ensuring we are accountable to our  trustees and those involved in leadership. The committee will assess whether the work of the organization is still relevant in a changing world, evaluate organizational ethical standards, and board member’s terms of office.


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