Make Science Fair FunTM – Experimental Project Step-by-step Workbook Kit, Grades 4-6 (bundle of 10 kits)


Take the stress and guess work out of Science Fair projects! Pepper & Mo will lead your students step-by-step through 22 worksheets that take them from scheduling their time and coming up with a project topic, all the way through to putting it all together on a project board. Your students will love this fun, easy-to-follow, full-color, 6-Step workbook!

The bundle of at-home workbook kits is ideal for those PTAs who promote inclusivity during their fair by providing extra support to those students who might not have much support at home.

Each kit is intended to help students lead their own independent and authentic projects at home with occasional adult support. So, even if a student’s parent doesn’t have a STEM background, this workbook helps the parent to help their student if they get stuck by providing Parent Tips for each exercise, also available in Spanish.

Each kit includes:

  • 10 workbooks
  • Supplies to complete the first exercise:
    • 10 pipettes
    • 10 rulers

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What experts are saying

“I love the approach that Wendy took to integrating reading, writing, math and science throughout these workbooks.  She does a great job of leading kids step-by-step through an authentic learning experience, while also helping the parents understand how to effectively coach their kids. These workbooks are what every parent needs to make science fair fun!”

– Steve Spangler, Host of Television’s DIY Sci, Steve Spangler Science


“Dr. Wendy Wempe’s Make Science Fair Fun workbook goes through every step of conducting a science fair experiment– from collaborating with teammates and selecting an interesting project all the way through to looking for trends in the data and reflecting on the experience. Her workbook takes her many years of experience as a scientist and breaks the process down in a way that makes it easy for children to develop a successful science fair experiment.”

– Dr. Danielle B. Harlow, PhD, Associate Professor of Education, University of California – Santa Barbara


“As a teacher, I just love how Make Science Fair Fun workbooks integrate different content areas (reading, writing, math and science) while challenging student’s 21st Century Skills and their Next Generation Science Standards, Science & Engineering Practices.  Wendy skillfully accomplishes this through the context of a Science Fair project with Make Science Fair Fun. This is a tremendously valuable resource for students (and their parents) to help them step-by-step through an authentic learning experience.

– Laurie McKibben, MS, 5th Grade Teacher, Foothills Elementary School


“I thought I had been doing a decent job guiding my kids on their science projects, but after going through the Make Science Fair Fun workbook I realized there was a much better and easier way! I loved the concept of exploring various cause and effect relationships to decide what to measure in a project, and to use that to form a prediction. There are so many tips that I hadn’t considered, and the parental guidelines are such that they extend beyond just science projects — that it’s a workbook I’ll keep handy for years to come!”

– Suzie Lucken, COO, Food Cubby

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