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    Make Science Fair Fun® In-class STEM Project Kits, 3-lesson Series


    Challenge your students to develop their Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Science & Engineering Practices and leadership skills. These Grade-level, In-class Project Kits help to introduce your students to the process for doing science or engineering in the context of a Science & Engineering Fair project.

    By the end of the lesson students will…

    • Feel prepared to carry out their own science fair project with the support of a teacher, mentor or parent.
    • Learn:
      • “The” Scientific Method, which is just one approach to carry out a science fair project
      • That they can use science to explore things that make them curious and learn about the natural world.
      • That water is absorbed or moves through a material.
  • Science Fair Fun in a Box

    Tired of seeing the same old Science Fair projects copied off the internet that rob kids of their development and confidence in their STEM skills? We are! Get everything you need to lay the foundation for a fun, inclusive and skills-based Science & Engineering Fair at your school!
    Science Fair Fun in a Box is designed to:
    • Support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
    • Foster Project Based Learning (PBL), Design Thinking (DT), and Scientific Inquiry methods
    • Provide you with tools you can use to teach the process for doing science and engineering in the context of authentic Science & Engineering Fair projects
    Science Fair Fun in a Box includes:
    • 2x Grade-level, In-class Project Kits
    • 10x At-home Make Science Fair Fun kits
    • 50x Skills-based Awards
    • Full suite of Tools + Weekly Personalized Support

    You’ll save 10% off the cost of each item individually and on shipping.

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