Director Metallurgical Services

Born in England to Venezuelan parents, Janet moved to Venezuela as a child, where she completed her school years and developed a passion for chemistry. She earned a Chemistry degree in Venezuela and a PhD in Canada. Upon completing her degree, she worked at a gold mine in USA, where she applied her knowledge to find ways to better extract gold from ores. She has since worked in various regions of Canada and USA, contributing her expertise to two of the world’s largest gold mining companies.

Project Manager

Vanna is a team player known for her collaborative approach and a talent for devising solutions to address every project challenge, thereby assuring clients project success. Whether it’s foreseeing possible scope gaps, ensuring safety requirements are met or negotiating win-win subcontracts with trade partners, Vanna wholeheartedly embraces the thrill of witnessing her projects come to fruition.

Project Engineer

Hi my name is Brandee, I have been working with PCL Construction for just over a year. I work with designers and builders to help turn a building drawn on a piece of paper into a real life building. I was born and raised in Colorado. Outside of work I like to go to the pool, play sports outside, and play with my dog, Dodger.

Director of Engineering and Tech Services

Susi was born and raised in Colombia and lived in Louisiana, Florida and Paris for a few years before graduating from High School. After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil foundations Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, she joined Soletanche Bachy, a French company specialized in geotechnical work designing deep and tunnels in South America and the Caribbean.

Principal Engineer

I was born in China. I came to pursue graduate studies in the US in 1984 and got my degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. During my study, I participated in NASA aerodynamic experiment. I finalized my focus in Nuclear Engineering. I have been working in my fields for about 40 years including teaching in a university and engineering consultancy in nuclear and environmental fields

Senior Process Control Engineer

My name is Raul Yonagusuku, and I was born in Peru. As a child, I had a lot of fun with my electronic toys (taking them apart to remove the electronic parts and make new toys). Later, I grew up fascinated by computer programming combine with electricity which end me up in a STEM field.

Director Health

My name is Cat Walker. I loved the science of food from an early age. I enjoyed sport and athletics and always wanted to eat the best fuel to give my body and my mind energy. This lead me to studying Exercise Science and Human Nutrition. I started work at 12 as a gym coach, worked as a Nutritionist, and for the past 15 years have worked in workplace health and wellbeing promoting a healthy culture in the workplace. and the communities we work in.

Senior Architect of Data Science and Machine Learning

My name is Anne Lifton and I have over ten years of experience as a data scientist. I now lead teams of data scientists and help them design the most exciting and innovative programs that they can. We write math into computer code which makes guesses called predictions.

Project Manager

My name is Alessandra Escalante. I was born in Peru and move to Florida at the age of 12. I graduated from Florida State University with a Civil Engineering degree, and I am now a Project Manager in the construction industry. I enjoy my work, as well as working out and the outdoors.

Project Engineer

My name is Jazmyn Ramirez. I was born and raised in New York City. I moved to Denver 1 year ago to work for PCL Construction as a Field Engineer.