Rotational Engineer

Hello! My name is Sivan Zouela and I am 23 years old. I just moved to Colorado in July to start working for Gates Corporation as an engineer and so far it’s been great! I I love taking trips to the mountains and hiking and skiing on the weekends.

Aerospace Engineering Student & Graduate Researcher

I’m Luca, a Colorado native and aerospace engineering student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and I’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut! In the past, I’ve worked in Mission Control for NASA missions, and now I’m doing research that will hopefully help make living in space easier.

Senior Software Support Analyst

My name is Sunaina (pronounced su-9-nah) and i am a senior software analyst at MedKeeper, a Grifols Company. I help our customers with any questions or concerns they may have about our products.

Developer Evangelist

Valériane is a French Developer Evangelist at Twilio. Her role is to serve and help the developers community and to share what she knows with peers. Valériane also is involved in helping inclusivity and integration of women in tech in Europe trough the Duchess association.

Software Engineer

My name is Emily Baker. I was born in Nanjing, China and adopted when I was 2.5. I have lived in Colorado since then. I knew that I wanted to go into STEM since I was in elementary school because I was always curious about how things were made and how they worked.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Student

I’m studying Engineering at the University of Boulder. I love playing video games, watching anime and building cool stuff. I’m planning on becoming a consultant, which basically means that people come to me with their problems and I help them fix it. When I’m not in school I usually spend my time building keyboards or playing baseball with some friends.

Mechanical Engineering Student

I am a senior mechanical engineer at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I am originally from Aurora, Colorado. I grew up in a Mexican household with two sisters and four brothers. I have a twin brother who sometimes finishes my sentences and always finishes my sandwiches, without my permission.

Graduate Student-PhD Candidate

My name is Jaylene. I love school and didn’t want to leave. I like being a scientist and learning. I am from a small small town in New Mexico, where I did not even have internet until I was in college!