Rotational Engineer

Hello! My name is Sivan Zouela and I am 23 years old. I just moved to Colorado in July to start working for Gates Corporation as an engineer and so far it’s been great! I I love taking trips to the mountains and hiking and skiing on the weekends.

Director of Cybersecurity

As the Director of Cybersecurity, I lead a team of engineers and analysts protecting DCP Midstream from cybersecurity threats. Additionally, I served for more than 26 years in the United States Air Force. I have traveled throughout the world to include Iraq, Jordan, Brazil, South Korea, Djibouti and Italy.

Director of Tech Services

Susi was born and raised in Colombia and lived in Louisiana, Florida and Paris for a few years before graduating from High School. After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, she joined Soletanche Bachy, a French company specialized in geotechnical work designing deep foundations and tunnels in South America and the Caribbean. After two years in the workplace, she then moved to Ithaca to pursue her Masters in Engineering Management.

Director Health

My name is Cat Walker. I loved the science of food from an early age. I enjoyed sport and athletics and always wanted to eat the best fuel to give my body and my mind energy. This lead me to studying Exercise Science and Human Nutrition. I started work at 12 as a gym coach, worked as a Nutritionist, and for the past 15 years have worked in workplace health and wellbeing promoting a healthy culture in the workplace. and the communities we work in.

Senior Architect of Data Science and Machine Learning

My name is Anne Lifton and I have over ten years of experience as a data scientist. I now lead teams of data scientists and help them design the most exciting and innovative programs that they can. We write math into computer code which makes guesses called predictions.

Project Manager

My name is Alessandra Escalante. I was born in Peru and move to Florida at the age of 12. I graduated from Florida State University with a Civil Engineering degree, and I am now a Project Manager in the construction industry. I enjoy my work, as well as working out and the outdoors.

Project Engineer

My name is Jazmyn Ramirez. I was born and raised in New York City. I moved to Denver 1 year ago to work for PCL Construction as a Field Engineer.

Senior Engineer

I was born and raised in Mexico and I always liked math and science. My parents and teachers saw that and encourage me to consider a career in Engineering. Because of good grades and hard work I was able attend university.

Senior Software Support Analyst

My name is Sunaina (pronounced su-9-nah) and i am a senior software analyst at MedKeeper, a Grifols Company. I help our customers with any questions or concerns they may have about our products.

Material Development Engineer

I grew up on a farm in mid-Missouri. I loved being outside and helping my dad fix equipment but I also loved baking and creating new recipes. When I took a chemistry class, I really enjoyed learning about what makes up all the different materials in the world–it was like making recipes to create new things.