Media Production, Grayson Baum Photography

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in STEM programs and have the chance to learn about all the options that are out there for them.

Madison Carter


Madison A. Carter is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and runs a holistic wealth advisory business, working with individuals, families, businesses, and foundations/endowments to help them identify their objectives and reach their goals.

Executive Vice President, FirstBank

Brent is an Executive Vice President for FirstBank Holding Company.

Eric Miller

Principal & Co-Owner, PADT, Inc.

Engineer, speaker, writer, and small business co-owner, Eric loves to explore and share all things technology.

Mary Makowsky

Web Developer and UX Designer, Max Media Solutions

Mary is a user experience designer and front-end web developer with over 20 years of experience in web design, email marketing design, creative and technical direction, development and programming. She studied Multimedia at the Art Institute of Colorado before going on to start her successful freelance web development business and has since been involved in the creation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of hundreds of websites. Mary is honored to assist in bringing STEM experiences to students who might not otherwise have direct access to these learning opportunities.

Chiara Massironi

GTM Program Manager, TwilioQuest, Twilio

Chiara is a marketer and lifelong learner who specializes in launching and scaling tech programs. As a woman in tech who entered with a non-technical background, she is passionate about making the prospect of a career in STEM exciting and accessible to young people all around the world.

Hilary Constable

Consultant, Constable HR

Hilary is a Writer and HR Consultant. Through her roles in corporate HR, she saw first-hand how hard it was to find women and minorities for engineering roles. It’s one thing to decide to hire someone when they’ve found their passion for a STEM field and applied for the job. It’s another thing altogether to look at the next generation and help them see how they could be the next great structural engineer for a metropolis or the inventor of a new product we’d all use. That’s why Hilary is energized to bring science fairs to more students who might not have thought they’d want to or get the chance to participate.