Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, NREL

Our students are afraid of STEM and don’t see STEM as a viable option. Supporting students in STEM will help the students achieve higher paying jobs, creating a stronger tax base for our city, and helping our city, state and country to solve our very tough problems.

Steve Parry

President, Sales Productivity Consultants, Inc.

Steve Parry is President of Sales Productivity Consultants (SPC), a 20 year old sales strategy consulting firm. Steve works with leaders who recognize that sales are the constraint to their company’s growth, aren’t sure why or what to do to driving profitable revenue.

Hilary Constable

Consultant, Constable HR

Hilary is a Writer and HR Consultant. Through her roles in corporate HR, she saw first-hand how hard it was to find women and minorities for engineering roles. It’s one thing to decide to hire someone when they’ve found their passion for a STEM field and applied for the job. It’s another thing altogether to look at the next generation and help them see how they could be the next great structural engineer for a metropolis or the inventor of a new product we’d all use. That’s why Hilary is energized to bring science fairs to more students who might not have thought they’d want to or get the chance to participate.

Michelle Moorman

Vice President, Sr. Director, Regulatory, Compliance, & Integrity, Sargent & Lundy

Michelle Moorman Applegate has 15 years of experience in the energy industry working with various electric and natural gas utilities spanning power generation, regulation, and renewable energy, as well as natural gas transmission, distribution, and transportation. In her roles, Michelle has championed change in electric and natural gas regulation, engineering, pipeline integrity, and operations with an emphasis in strategic planning. In her current role with Sargent & Lundy Michelle is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of the utility sector of the organization as well as regulation, compliance and pipeline integrity programs. Michelle is a proud mother of four, wife, and champion for women in the STEAM fields. She is passionate about introducing science and engineering to women and girls of all ages.

Stephanie Geyer

Principal, Insight | Stephanie Geyer, LLC

A long-time higher education marketer, I am inspired by the opportunity to support the mission of STEM Generation through focus on elementary school children. We must help kids from all backgrounds, and especially girls, see themselves as scientists, mathematicians, engineers…anything they can dream of, really. I love pivoting my experience to support this goal.

Board Treasurer

Dan brings to the organization and his role as Treasurer a personal appreciation for STEM education and a career of more than 20 years in the US capital markets.

John Jenkins

Treasurer & Executive / Finance Committee Co-Chair

Retired since 2016, John’s professional career included senior executive positions in small cap engineering service and technology companies, primarily publicly traded. My own life and career experience have led to me appreciate first hand the need for diverse technical talent, and recognize the incredible barriers our current social/educational/political systems place between talent and access to the support needed to achieve. Education: BSME University of Washington – JD University of Denver.

Dr. Carol Weber

Past President, Technical Director, Innovation, Gates Corporation

Carol Weber is an accomplished and mission-focused technology and strategy leader for Gates Corporation, where she has transformed the business by spearheading the development of industry-changing innovations. Her global team has succeeded where previous teams could not, delivering new product lines that have not only increased market share for Gates, but have also disrupted the entire supply chain of the industry with groundbreaking technological achievements. Dr. Weber is passionate about inspiring and engaging more girls in STEM careers. She sees untapped resources in underserved students that hold the key to future breakthroughs for our communities.

Samantha Sands

Programs Manager

Samantha Sands is a STEM educator, community connector and geologist. She earned her bachelor’s in Environmental Geology at the University of Michigan and a masters in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. She was the lead earth and space science educator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science from 2010-2019 and was nicknamed Samammoth for her work on the Snowmastodon Project, the largest ice age excavation in Colorado. Samantha has over 18 years of experience in science education and community engagement. Samantha’s passion for science education was sparked in her youth through her many visits to museums across the U.S. and Europe and an inspirational 3rd grade teacher who helped start her rock collection, which she is still adding to today.

Rotational Engineer

Hello! My name is Sivan Zouela and I am 23 years old. I just moved to Colorado in July to start working for Gates Corporation as an engineer and so far it’s been great! I I love taking trips to the mountains and hiking and skiing on the weekends.