Diverse STEM Stories

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Be a Role Model

Role models like you, are critical to shaping students’ identities as STEM-capable and opening their worlds to STEM through self-identification. Share your passion for STEM during individual webcasts with classrooms of elementary, middle, or high school students. STEM Generation will help to prepare you, teachers and students to effectively engage in conversation.

How It Works

  • Briefly summarize your STEM story and we will follow up by emailing you a guide to preparing for this event.
    • Select 2-3 different 50-minute time slots for Diverse STEM Stories event. The time slots reflect class periods teachers have already selected that their classroom of aspiring STEM students are available for you to share your journey.
    • Prepare a 15-20 minute presentation with images about who you are and what you do.
  • Teachers and students will prepare questions to ask you for the Q&A.