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Create Effective Science Fair Signups

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you want students to participate in your school’s Science & Engineering Fair and for adults to support you during your fair, then you will need signups. Gauge whether online or paper signups will be most effective at your school. Consider that not all families have access to or are receptive to the use of internet tools. We’ve seen schools use online only, paper only, or the combination of the two.

Paper signups are easier for families to have in front of them over the long run. While online signups will save you loads of time and frustration when it comes to logistics. With the use of Google Classroom at schools, a Google Form can be a very effective tool. Other free online tools we’ve seen are Sign-up Genius and Survey Monkey.

Signups you might consider are listed in the table below.  Check out how to create sign-ups step-by-step using both Google Forms and SignUpGenius:

Signup Items
Information Meeting Signup
Gauge interest, availability and required room size.
  • Parent name
  • Parent email
  • Number of adults and children in group
Project Registration
Help plan essential logistics: space requirements and numbers of tables, judges, awards, etc.
  • Parent’s email address (if child is 13 or younger)
  • Parent’s Name
  • Parent’s Phone Number
  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s Grade/Teacher
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Project Title
  • Team Project?
  • SCR and IRB requirements
  • Parent or Guardian Approval
Volunteer Signup
Solicit volunteers by role and time commitment
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Opportunity: Set-up and Take-down Volunteer; Judge; Student Assessment Runner; STEM Demonstrator

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