14 Weeks to Organizing a Successful Science Fair

Organizing a Science & Engineering Fair can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Reach 14 weekly milestones to organize and implement a fun and skills-based Science & Engineering Fair!


Set Dates & Confirm Rooms

Now that you have the principal on board with your school’s Science & Engineering Fair, it’s time to get others on board to set essential dates and reserve rooms. The sooner, the better. Be sure to include school administrators and parents (or PTA, PTSA, PTO, etc.) when evaluating dates. They might have insights on events that are in the pipeline that you might need to consider.  The table below summarizes a few ideas for essential fair events, timing, and venue.

Assess Students’ Skills, Not Project Perfection

At just about any Science Fair, you see projects that are absolutely perfect! They have perfect procedures, perfect results, and perfect project boards. Unfortunately, sometimes these projects are examples of perfect plagiarism. They are either copied from a published project or are actually the parents’ work. These students totally get robbed of the opportunity to use their creativity and critical thinking.