14 Weeks to Organizing a Successful Science Fair

Organizing a Science & Engineering Fair can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Reach 14 weekly milestones to organize and implement a fun and skills-based Science & Engineering Fair!


Communication is Key

Clearly communicating your Science & Engineering Fair expectations will help to reduce family stress, motivate students to participate, and save you loads of time in the end. Getting all of your communication materials readily available to your school community early in the season will streamline your whole experience.


Create Effective Science Fair Signups

If you want students to participate in your school’s Science & Engineering Fair and for adults to support you during your fair, then you will need signups. Gauge whether online or paper signups will be most effective at your school. Consider that not all families have access to or are receptive to the use of internet tools. We’ve seen schools use online only, paper only, or the combination of the two.