Birth of STEM Generation

In 2015, a teacher reached out to me to share a story a couple of weeks after I provided her with full support at a Title 1 school to organize their Science & Engineering Fair. She explained how one of her most at-risk students had come to her the day after the fair and had…

STEM mindfulness focus

STEM Lesson with Mindfulness Focus

Are social sciences really science? You bet! There is a whole science behind how and why we humans interact and behave the way we do. Plus, scientists have discovered a lot about the connection between social sciences and health sciences. The first lesson of the Make Science Fair Fun® Kits, 3-Lesson Series is a STEM…

The Heart of Effective Mentors

Through my experiences on both sides of mentorship – mentee and mentor – I can confidently say that the most valuable element of an effective mentor has more to do with the mentor’s genuine mindset – the core of where they are coming from and their perceived purpose as a mentor. It is that mindset that subsequently shapes the mentors actions, which defines their effectiveness as a mentor.

Join us at CO Impact Days 2019!

The morning following Mile High United Way’s National Volunteer Week kit building event, we had the great pleasure of presenting their donated and assembled Science Fair Fun in a Box to the Foothills Elementary staff. As part of the donation, Science Fair Fun will support Foothills every step of the way to lay the foundation for an inclusive and skills-based Science & Engineering Fair.

3 Super Fresh Ideas to Improve your Science Fair

Maybe you organized your school’s fair last year. Or maybe you helped out last year and you are stepping up to take the reins. You are an innovator and want to make some simple tweaks to improve the whole experience for kiddos and their grownups. Here are some quick tips for you to consider as you embark on your super-hero role in inspiring kiddos to lead authentic Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) projects during your fair.

Denver Team

Impact Denver Team Update

Whew! Our Impact Denver team has been busy this past month reminiscing about our grade school days, while we learn about Science Fair Fun from the organization’s founder, Wendy Wempe. The biggest takeaway is: never doubt what a passionate individual can do to make a difference.