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6 Steps of Innovative Science & Engineering Fair Projects


When your child does a Science & Engineering Fair project the Make Science Fair Fun® way, they get to create their own project from scratch. Doing a Science & Engineering Fair project is all about exploring science and engineering the way that your child wants to. It’s all about tapping into their creativity and their ability to solve problems. It’s all about innovation! Along the way, your child will learn what it takes to be a scientist or engineer. Inspire your child to join the future generation of STEM innovators!

Looking at a Science & Engineering Fair project in small steps can help make such a big project seem a lot more manageable. The Make Science Fair Fun® experience involves these 6 easy-to-follow steps. 

Step 1: Get Ready

  • Learn my doing an experiment.
  • Identify strong team behaviors.
  • Record deadlines and create a project schedule.
  • Free your brain to solve problems.

Step 2: Dream Big

  • Connect with science & engineering all around you
  • Find science or engineering in a fun activity.
  • Do background research to find the science.

Step 3: Find Your Question

  • Explore expected Cause and Effect Relationships
  • Decide what you will measure.
  • Write a detailed experimental question.
  • State your prediction.

Step 4: Create a Plan

  • Plan your experimental set-up.
  • Assess potential health & safety risks.
  • Develop your experimental procedure.

Step 5: Have Fun & Do Your Best

  • Collect & record your data.
  • Display your data.
  • Look for data trends.
  • Interpret your results.
  • Discuss what you learned.

Step 6: Celebrate & Share

  • Reflect on your project experience.
  • Assemble your project board.
  • Practice communicating your project experience.

Now, let’s Make Science Fair Fun®!

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